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A comedy tour de farce from three of Australia’s best performers.

“5 stars” “The total performance was a delight”

“it hits the bullseye”

“hysterically funny”

John Wood (Blue Heelers)Emily Taheny (Mad as Hell) and Max Gillies (The Gillies Report) are the entire cast of “Mono”; the brand new classic comedy by Angus FitzSimons (Senior Moments).

In the tradition of Joyce Grenfell, Alan Bennett and Bob Newhart comes “Mono”; with nine brilliant comic characters brought to life through hysterical monologues in 90 minutes of wit, fun and laughter. 

What is “Mono” about? It’s about 90 minutes. It’s also about a hectoring Headmistress, a bad Bush Poet (and he don’t know it), a puzzled Policeman, a meandering Minister, a chaotic Conductor, a mindless “Mindfulness” teacher, a surreal Sotheby’s Auctioneer, and a very, very sozzled Mother of the Bride.

Emily Taheny, John Wood and Max Gillies in “Mono”.

Mono: Three Brilliant Stars. One Wonderful Show. Go!




“simply splendid and very funny”
“three legends who are masters of the comic monologue”

“The audience adores them. As for the critics? Praise be. They’re charmed.”
“Hilarious... their timing and delivery is impeccable.”
“Behind the scenes as director, script-writer and author of the outrageously comical program notes, is one Angus FitzSimons. Funny fellow. One imagines he probably has a PhD in serious silliness.“
“What a hoot!”

“…a three-person satirical romp. It is 90 minutes of wit, fun and extremely clever writing.”
“…laugh out loud responses made it clear that they were loving the show, is a testimony to clever, unsmutty writing”
"Make haste, there are so few performances to see this piece that showcases theatre comedy royalty and a new star in the firmament.”

“the onstage trio are a winning team”

“deliciously funny”
“Mono is a fast-paced show with plenty of jokes throughout to keep even the most cynical patron smiling.”


Q1. Should I buy tickets to “Mono”? Answer: Yes

Q2. Should I buy tickets to a matinee or an evening show? Answer: You should.

Q3. Is this the original Max Gillies from “The Gillies Report”? Answer: We think so. He certainly looks and sounds like him, but then again Max was very good at impersonations.

Q4. Is “Mono” funny? Answer: It certainly is, often intentionally.

Q5. When is a door not a door? Answer: When it is ajar. (Honestly, you should know that one).

Q6. Will my husband enjoy the show? Answer: Who cares about him? You are the important one. In any case; all husbands enjoy complaining about things, so if he doesn’t like the show, at least he’ll like that.

Q7. Was Emily Taheny really ‘Mad as Hell’? Answer: No, she was acting. Although she was quite stroppy once when Shaun Micallef deliberately took all the Shortbread Creams from the Arnott’s Family Assorted at afternoon tea. The man is a pig.

Q8. What does F.A.Q. stand for? Answer: F.A.Q.’d if I know.

Q9. Will I meet a tall dark stranger? Answer: No. This is just something that fortune tellers make up. We do foresee that you shall soon travel across water, but this might just involve stepping over a puddle, do not get your hopes up.

Q10. Does John Wood still see much of the cast of “Blue Heelers”? Answer: Indeed he does. In fact they get together most Sundays to perform complete episodes of “Rafferty’s Rules”. (Lisa McCune plays Rafferty; both she and her agent are brilliant.)